We use a third party delivery service provider and your orders will be hand delivered to the recipient's address.

Balloons do not get along well with heat and cold temperatures. We advise not to leave your balloon outdoors as the cold air will shrink the balloons and expand under the sun which will possibly make them POP!

Yes of course! Please contact us at enquiry@createmoments.com.sg

Only on Saturdays, Sundays we’re closed :(

Because of the materials they are made of, our 22” and 24” Bubble balloon float for approximately 1-1.5 weeks and have a record of 4 weeks!

Our Ecuadorian Bloom Box balloons last for approximately 5 days - 7 days, as we uses as fresh cut roses.

All of our balloons are best used on the day of delivery as balloons will deflate over time.

Yes, provided it is not already out for delivery. Please contact us via email or cell ASAP if you need to change your delivery destination.

1. Scheduled deliveries

2. Pick-up from our location